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The first regional brand of Wenzhou, "Wenzhou International shoes are" born
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Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province Quality and Technical Supervision has recently been named as the "Wenzhou (International) shoes", this is the first regional brands in Zhejiang Wenzhou City honors received.
    Wenzhou shoe industry is one of the main pillars of industry, Ministry of Light Industry named this country the name of "Chinese shoes." Over the years, Wenzhou City, the role of traditional industrial advantages, long-suffering, to go to strengthen the brand, to cultivate their own brand of the road, we have made remarkable achievements.

    Wenzhou shoe industry from the family workshop started, and gradually from the domestic market to foreign "OEM" transformation, and then raised to create their own brand, to upgrade from the "Industrial quality" to "brand Societe Generale", which has become one of China''s footwear industry jewel. At present, the whole industry has a top level representatives of the footwear industry, "Chinese leather logo" 175 enterprises, more than 200 brands, brand accounted for half of the national industry. In particular, the city has China''s export brand, China Famous Brand, Chinese Famous Brand 62, Zhejiang famous 38. Representatives of the footwear industry leader Cornell Group won the national shoe industry''s first "National Quality Award", Aokang brand by the Chinese Research Institute of Chinese shoes industry brand unique iconic brand. Aokang Group, a group of giant, Red Dragonfly Group Zhejiang Quality Award respectively.

    Currently, the city''s footwear industry employed 45 million people, has more than 3,000 scientific and technical personnel, in 2008 the output value of 65.3 billion yuan, 1.3 billion yuan storage revenue, shoe-making enterprises 2694, leather and footwear and other industrial chain of more than 3,000 enterprises , of which annual sales income billion of 61 footwear enterprises, export volume of over $ 10 million enterprise 61, 2008 exports of $ 2.76 billion, exports more than 140 countries and regions, the kingpin of the European Union, the United States, Russia, Japan.

    In 2008, Cornell Group, a joint domestic counterparts in Russia to create China''s first overseas economic and trade "zone." Aokang Group in China''s first international shoe "predators" Italian brand GEOX first multinational company to establish a global marketing network. Red Dragonfly Group to create China''s first national "Chinese shoe culture museum", China recently became the first among the top international footwear shoes exhibition MICAM "palace" of the enterprise, to win the favor of the world.